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AnyToISO Pro 3.9
AnyToISO Pro 3.9 Multilingual | macOS | 13 mb

AnyToISO is the ultimate ISO creator for Mac. Create ISO's from almost anything, including all CD/DVD image formats popular on Internet, CD/DVD/Blue-ray disks, or simply from a local folder. Complete command-line support.
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GraphicConverter 10.6 (3058) macOS
GraphicConverter 10.6 (3058) Multilingual macOS | 182 MB

GraphicConverter has more than 1.5 million loyal users worldwide - from amateur photographers to professional designers. The Press has dubbed this program the equivalent of the "Swiss Army Knife" describing it as the "Universal Genius for photo editing on the Mac"
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eXtra Voice Recorder 3.2.1
eXtra Voice Recorder 3.2.1 | macOS | 8 mb

eXtra Voice Recorder is a combination of a powerful high-quality audio recorder and an easy-to-use audio files manager. This handy tool is always with you, so all you need to start recording is to hit a hotkey.
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AKVIS ArtWork 10.0.1926.16422 macOS
AKVIS ArtWork 10.0.1926.16422 Multilingual macOS | 266 MB

AKVIS ArtWork is an ideal solution for your creative expression! Combining advanced technologies with an artistic approach, the program is represented as an impressive creative suite and a perfect virtual artist. The transformation of a picture into a painting happens before your very eyes - you can follow the birth of a work of art in real time!
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Typinator v7.5 macOS
Typinator v7.5 macOS | 7.8 MB
Languages: English, French, German

Have you ever experienced the tedium and frustration of having to repeatedly type your name, e-mail address, home page url, or other words or phrases again, again and again? Do you frequently need to quickly insert images like your signature, location plan, or company logo into documents? Do you often misspell words when typing? Typinator boosts your productivity by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics and auto-correcting typing errors.
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Capture One Pro macOS
Capture One Pro Multilingual macOS | 330 Mb

Designed with the world's most demanding photographers, Capture One is the professionals' choice in imaging software. The standout choice in image editing software.
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Alarm Clock Pro 10.3.2
Alarm Clock Pro 10.3.2 | macOS | 32 mb

Alarm Clock Pro isn't just an ordinary alarm clock. Use it to wake you up in the morning, send and compose e-mails, remind you of appointments, randomize the iTunes selection, control an internet radio station, and even time your baking!
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Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.0.937 macOS
Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.0.937 macOS | 86 Mb

Understand is a static analysis tool for maintaining, measuring, & analyzing critical or large code bases. From metrics and graphs to dependency analysis, Master your source code with Understand.
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FastTasks 2.47
FastTasks 2.47 | macOS | 5 mb

The troubleshooting app. FastTasks 2 provides a number of useful functions, including at-a-glance display of key system info, fast toggle of invisible files, free memory, automatic removal of login items, and scanning for troublesome apps and files.
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iDatabase 3.30
iDatabase 3.30 | macOS | 23 mb

With iDatabase, you can manage membership lists, expenses, projects, keep track of your passwords, internet accounts and much more! You can choose from its ready to use and easy to personalize database templates to organize any type of information or you can create a totally new database from scratch.